Steel Angle, Walnut & Teak Oil

Custom Shelves for an Office Closet Storage. Made to fit Walnut shelves with steel angle sub-straight for installation and additional support. Finished with teak oil.

Total project was about 2 weeks from initial design and as-built measurements, fabrication, test fits, finishing and final install. The non-square/ non-plumb existing closet made the fabrication and installation tricky.

Samples were fun and played with mirror polishing the steel but because its not visible the effort/ cost was not worth it for the client.

Walnut does not come in such wide widths and are irregular in widths so the lumber yard finished 3 faces and I cut the 4th to size for the glue-up. After setting up over night the length were cut to size and the "Milling" part began. A router with jigs were set up to allow the shelves to take the steel frames and leave room for hardware so everything sits flush.

Install day took 3 people to set things into place as holes where marked off. Toggle bolts were wall anchors were set and the frames installed. Wood shelves where then laid into the frame and secured with countersunk screws from below.


Sub-structure/ Support

Finish Samples

Material Pickup


Shelf "Milling"

Installation Day