Shoring construction reuse, Cantilevered support, Planter box

Started from shoring scrap off the side of the road left from construction site, added 1" steel angle support structure and worked on for 9 Days over the course of almost a year...Life...

A project that started as the logical next step after the stool but became another beast. Starting with construction scrap all I knew was it needed to be a bench and somehow be supported with a steel structure that would both be structural expressive and light while adding interest and additional purpose.

It was an organic process, the first key design idea was the need of a planter integrated into the seating. I used scrap 1/8" steel plate to form this. I tried to maintain size and proportion of the wood members and came up with a form that would lift a bit of the bottom panel in order to create a break for drainage and division between planting and misc use.

The back of the bench needed to complement the seat and be of similar proportion. Given this criteria I decided to splice the angle into the wood members and extend the frame beyond to create an open frame. This served to create both a better proportioned bench as well possibly be a frame work for something to grow onto.

Legs and support were by far the hardest and most frustrating aspect to this project. I initially wanted to mimic the structure I used on the stool but I soon realized this was not going to work without ruining its proportion. There was also an issue of back span and counter balancing and supporting the sloping back as I wanted the legs to continue in the same angle as the back. In the end I came up with the solution of extending the legs so that they could be planting into the earth and the bench would them be a garden feature and seat for reading and relaxing. The flexibility of the steel legs enables a nice rocking motion while sitting and reading.

As a result of the nature of this product I thought it would be appropriate to leave this bench unfinished and let it age and rust.