Steel Tube, Poplar & Teak Oil

Entry Bench/ Shoe Storage, Kicked Steel frame & solid poplar bench seat and slats for storage treated with teak oil.

Total project was about 22 hours. Post cutting the metal frame parts each piece went through 3 rounds of wire brush on an angle grinder in order to achieve a polished matte finish.

Poplar was ran through the jointer and glued up for the bench seat. The slats were ripped cut and spacers were made to lay flush with the frame cross members which are angled relative to the shelves. This creates a rather nice relief detail. Once everything was glued up and dried the shelves and bench were marked and cut to size very carefully.

The shelves were fitted and shimmed in place to to eliminate need of hardware. The bench seat utilizes two precise cut supports to reinforce the lamination and use friction to hold the top in place without need of hardware to metal frame.

Finish was straightforward and utilizes teak oil to protect and seal both the steel and wood.