Chipmunk Residence

Yucca Valley Home Renovation and Interior Design

1953 Home, Illegal Addition in the 80’s, Formerly Rat Infested, Exposed Beam Ceiling.
Complete Renovation, Interior Design, Custom Art and Furnishing.



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Stainless Steel Work Benches and Shelves Commercial Kitchen
Art Gallery Walls, Polish Nickel Fixtures, Media Archives

A Temporary / Perminant Flexible Afordable Kitchen Build Out
Custom Desk and DIY Shelving in Living Area, Color Pallete and Partial Renovation

Kitchen & Living

Entry Bench, Interior Design and Renovation

Rectangular Steel Tube, Walnut & Teak Oil

Custom Steel base. Milled Walnut Seat

A quick project for the Yucca Valley desert house. Entry bench made from a steel base previously fabricated and excess walnut from previous shelf project.