Chill Out Beam

The last material lab without anything being built this time around it was super exciting with the possibility of the project becoming a permanent structure in SCI-Arc.

The semester started with a simple idea of taking a standard wide flange and de constructing it. It evolved to a reconstructed wide flange that would become a beam that would transition from various standard steel sections into one another and this would compliment its movement and load.

Chill Out Beam was a heuristic project that used a concrete mass, doubling as an chill out space, would demonstrate visual its weight and the forces it exerts on the beam as it hangs acting as a cantilever.

For many reasons nothing will be built permanently. A piece of the beam was fabricated in aluminum and tested to failure. The beam was incredibly strong and as a cantilever its webbing deformed until it fell out of the rig.

Drawing Package